The Only Portable Solar Generator You Need




What is the GridKicker?

All-in-one Plug & Play Device

  • The GridKicker combines solar power generation and battery storage with smart energy management all in one unit.
  • AC electricity outlets are ready to plug into.
  • Perfect for: Home, Business, Emergency, Construction.
  • Designed to stand alone or be configured together with other GridKickers to provide a massive solar/storage field.

Expandable & Upgradable

  • Link multiple GridKicker units together to form a “smart” microgrid or a multi megawatt field.
  • The GridKicker system can be tailored to meet specific electrical needs on a per installation basis.
  • The GridKicker is available as a lightweight portable device or can be used in more permanent installations.
  • There are no roof penetrations necessary due to the design; no racking is required with GridKicker.

Smart Energy Management

  • Built in multi meters display the solar cell generation as well as the battery charge level.
  • Measure your electrical generation and storage as well as your electrical savings with energy monitoring software.
  • Able to be charged from the electrical grid or even indoor lighting during extended periods of inclement weather.
  • Safe to use indoors during a power outage or blackout.


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