About Solaroad


Solaroad Technologies Group, LLC was created to solve the traditional inefficiencies with existing solar products in order to help reduce U.S. and global reliance on fossil fuels and to promote clean tech energy. We target markets including: home / business owners, commercial users, hospitals, schools, construction sites, municipalities, sovereign nations, and emergency or disaster situations.


Chelsea Solaroad

Our Mission

It's our corporate mission to bring scalable renewable energy to the market as a whole. We have innovative solar products for a broad range of applications from portable solar generators to large scale installations and microgrids. We are establishing a global presence with distribution worldwide.

Core Values

  1. Staying on the leading edge of clean, sustainable, solar energy technology.
  2. Not following change, but innovating it.
  3. Possessing foresight.
  4. Thinking outside the box.
  5. Not only succeeding, but exceeding.



Solaroad Technologies was founded in 2005 by solar energy innovator and career inventor Kahrl Retti. Retti has filed worldwide patent applications on all aspects of his inventions, and Solaroad is currently in the process of commercializing the GridKicker.