Why is Solaroad the best choice?

  The GridKicker is a lightweight, portable solar/storage generator with fully integrated battery storage. It functions as a micro grid setup when deployed in arrays and fields. A micro grid is an autonomous electrical environment that operates within a larger electric utility grid. It allows for distributed power generation, storage, and management. It is the… Read More »

ElectraFuel Informational Video

Solaroad has developed a nano scale battery for use with electric vehicles. It uses no liquid electrolytes and has an unmatched charge density. Solaroad also intends to put ElectraFuel vending machines in every gas station in America. The vending machines will be coated with SolarFilm, a nano scale generation and storage film, which has unmatched… Read More »

CubeTube Informational Video

CubeTube is an interior light harvesting device with integrated battery storage designed to be placed on top of cubicle workstations in order to power your electrical devices at your desk. This will remove you from the electrical grid during peak usage times, saving you money while keeping your employees working. The batteries will be recharged… Read More »

ElectraWall Informational Video

ElectraWall is a solar generator/storage device. It is designed to be placed on pre-existing infrastructures such as jersey walls and sound attenuation walls which line highways. It can be used to generate and store power for use with highway lighting, traffic lights, road construction equipment, etc, without having to use the electrical grid. It can… Read More »

Generations of GridKickers

This is the 1st generation of the GridKicker. This original construction was composed of clear polycarbonate plastics for the shell, thin film flexible solar cells for the generation, aliphatic resin dipped cardboard tubes containing lithium ion batteries for energy storage, an inverter for plug and play AC electrical use, and wheels for transportation. The first generation… Read More »

Solar and Storage Advantage with GridKicker

Today’s energy market is ruled by the time of day that peak electrical demand occurs. The problem with America’s electrical grid is that we cannot produce enough electricity to carry customer demand during the “peak” hours. “Peak” usually refers to the time of day that most businesses are operating and the most electricity is being… Read More »

GridKicker Definition and Specifications

The GridKicker is an A frame solar powered generator with integrated Li-Po battery storage. It is designed to utilize light sources in order to produce DC electricity thorough photovoltaics. The energy generated through the PV can be stored in the integrated battery system. The battery system is in place to run electrical applications. Depending on… Read More »