Solaroad Products

Our Photovoltaic Technology



We utilize a-Si thin film solar cell material in our products. This is in part due to the fact that it is deposited on a flexible thin film and the indirect light absorption characteristics of a-Si are outstanding, which provides for a longer generation period throughout the day.

We utilize Li-Po battery storage in our products. Li-Po chemistry allows for the highest energy density, is much more stable than Lithium Ion batteries, and is packaged in a flexible casing allowing for custom pack construction. 

Combining Solar With Storage

By using battery storage with solar generation, the most cost effective energy solution is created. The sun recharges the integrated batteries which power your needs throughout the day. When the sun goes down, the batteries can no longer charge through the solar portion of our technology, but peak usage time is over and electrical rates have dropped again. When electrical rates are lowest, our technology will sample all of the storage batteries and decide which ones need more charge. It will then automatically top off the batteries that were not fully recharged by the sun. These batteries will then be ready to use again the next day during peak electrical usage hours.

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