CubeTube is a purpose built interior solar device for use with cubicles. The cubicles contain battery storage, and solar cells are placed around the perimeter of the cubicle. The solar cells are sensitive enough to function under indirect and fluorescent lighting.

CubeTube Cubicle


  • Run your computer workstation off the electrical grid all day!
  • Never lose revenues due to power outages again!
  • Save money on your businesses electrical bills!



  • Take advantage of federal and state level tax credits and incentives.
  • ​Set up CubeTube at your place of business to take your workforce off of the electrical grid!
  • Installs around the tops of workers cubicles with battery storage in the cubicle itself.
  • Power computers, monitors, printers, speakers, scanners, fax machines, and any other office equipment all from the integrated battery storage.
  • Never lose revenue from a power outage again

CubeTube Side Angle

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