ElectraLight is the only solar lighting system that charges even at night. Because our solar cells are underneath the light, they can generate electricity to recharge the batteries.

Electralight is the easiest solar light to install and requires no modification to the existing lamp pole or light head. Due to the nature of its construction, we can install fifty times the battery capacity of any other solar lighting system. The wraparound PV sheet cannot become detached, even in the highest of wind!



  • Take advantage of federal and state level tax credits and incentives.
  • Retrofit your parking lot lighting around your business!
  • Can power energy efficient LED's through DC -- No need for conversion from AC!
  • Can power AC or DC driven lighting. 
  • Will keep lighting illuminated all night.
  • Increase safety while decreasing your electrical bill!
  • Will not detach in high winds!
  • Integrated battery storage keeps you in the light no matter how dark it is.


  • Power highway lighting
  • Power sign lighting
  • Power stop lights
  • Provide electricity to road construction crews
  • Don't forget, taxpayers pay the governments electrical bills.......installing renewable energy has the potential to save the taxpayer money!
  • Interlink ElectraWall with ElectraLights on the highways for a renewable energy system providing generation and storage!


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