Electrawall provides the ability to produce a national system without using any additional land.

ElectraWall Barrier Wall

Every state in the U.S has miles of these "jersey barrier walls." They make a perfect place to start a large scale alternative energy grid without using any additional land.

For politicians it is a "no-brainer." Instead of having to convince citizens to buy alternative energy systems, the government can establish the world's largest energy system right on the highway!
The tubes are so sensitive to light that they will create electricity at night when the headlights from passing cars activate the cells! The tubes on the jersey walls will be tied to the tubes on the sound barrier walls surrounding most highways. The tubes on the sound barriers will have the batteries in them, while the tubes on the road remain hollow!



​ElectraWall was purpose built to be installed on the Jersey Barrier Walls around the nations highways. Benefits in using ElectraWall in this application are:

  • Power highway lighting.
  • Power sign lighting.
  • Power stop lights.
  • Provide electricity to road construction crews.
  • Provide electricity to neighborhoods located behind the sound attenuation walls. 
  • Highways are pre-existing infrastructures that generally have good sun exposure. Why not take advantage of them to provide power?
  • Don't forget, taxpayers pay the governments electrical bills.......installing renewable energy has the potential to save the taxpayer money!
  • Interlink ElectraWall with ElectraLights on the highways for a renewable energy system providing generation and storage! 

ElectraWall Barrier Wall Installation

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