All-in-one “smart” solar generator and battery storage unit.

Lightweight and portable aerodynamic design.

The GridKicker is virtually maintenance free; the curved solar cells never need to be washed.

American made, UL-compliant system with warranty.

  1. Plug and play device; simply pull the lid open for usable AC outlets.
  2. Curved solar cell design on the array (tower) provides maximum power generation as cells “follow the sun.”
  3. Built-in meter shows both PV generation and battery levels.
  4. Non-skid feet interconnect to other units to form larger solar array.
  5. Available DC outlet.

The GridKicker is a “smart,” easy-to-use, plug and play solar powered generator system. Unlike its competitors, the all-in-one design allows the GridKicker to combine solar power generation and storage in one unit. This system reduces the need for electrical grid dependency, using light and heat from the sun to generate electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells*. This is then stored in batteries for use day or night, regardless of weather conditions.
*Photovoltaic (PV) cells directly convert sunlight into electricity

It is designed to provide power for electrical equipment and appliances for homes and businesses, or for virtually any electrical application. This “capture, store and release” technology will lead the solar industry into the future.

The road to energy independence starts with the all-in-one GridKicker. Let it help you
kick the grid.



  • Take advantage of federal and state level tax credits and incentives. 
  • Use GridKicker to take your house off of the electrical grid!
  • Safe to use indoors!
  • Set up a microgrid in your neighborhood for a green community!
  • Keep it around for DIY household projects, electric lawn equipment, for when the power goes out, or emergency situations that require electricity.


  • Take advantage of federal and state level tax credits and incentives.
  • Set up at your place of business for electrical savings!
  • Receive tax incentives, renewable energy credits, and public favor by turning your business green!
  • Never be the victim of lost revenues to a power outage again!


  • Can be used for disaster relief (FEMA)
  • Provide electricity for road construction, highway lighting, and stop lights.
  • Military field applications: 
    • Power communications equipment 
    • Provide renewable electricity to military bases
    • Drastically reduce logistics costs on field fuel supply


  • Bring it on outdoor excursions and camping trips for plug and play power!
  • Bring it on hunting and fishing trips as a silent generator that does not require fuel!


1) Battery Capacity: The GridKicker is a customizable system. We plan on offering the "portable" units with the following storage capacities:
    1.2 kWh
    2.4 kWh
    3.6 kWh
    5.1 kWh
For large scale installations and utility scale installations that are permanent or semi-permanent, we can provide units with much higher storage capacities (20kWh and up).
2) System voltage, frequency, and current: This is again dependent on the application. The GridKicker is a versatile device which has the option to be purpose built to match any applications electrical specifications through the use of different inverters and battery arrangements.
3) Solar panel data:
    Composition: Amorphous silicon (a-Si)
    Grade: Solar grade silicon is used in production of the cells
    Protection: The cells are encapsulated in a polycarbonate plastic and hermetically sealed against the elements. We expect an IP rating of 55 or 56.
4) Certifications:
The GridKicker is UL1642 compliant. We plan on also having a UN38.3 rating for batteries, as well as implement ISO standards in the workplace. We will also be going for an IP rating of 55 or 56.
5) Time to fully charge the battery bank:
This is again dependent on the application and the number of towers you have. The GridKicker is also offered as an "auxiliary charging unit" without battery storage. These towers will be offered for a quicker recharge of the batteries.
A fully depleted 1,200 watt battery pack can be recharged by a single tower in a 12 hour period at 100 watts per hour generated by the tower. If you add another charging tower (no batteries) the recharge time is cut to six hours. The auxiliary towers are significantly less expensive than the battery towers. Basically, each tower has the potential to return 100 watts per hour to the batteries. However, please keep in mind that our proprietary charging algorithm never allows the batteries to be fully discharged (this is to extend the life of each battery). We expect a minimum lifetime of 1,500 charge and discharge cycles.
6) Maintenance Procedures:
The GridKickers will require minimal maintenance. There will be minimal cleaning required for the cells, as the GridKickers are not affected by partial shading, which can cause cell degradation in conventional solar systems. There is also a smart energy management system in play that will be able to send out a signal notifying appropriate personnel if there are any problems with the system.
Full service and training regarding the maintenance, repair, installation, and un-installation of GridKicker systems will be provided by Solaroad Technologies to all qualified distributors.
7) Grid Options or Stand Alone
The GridKicker is a true smart grid device. The GridKicker has defeated the intermittent nature of solar through its integrated storage. Because we are able to control the amount of electricity being returned to the grid through the storage, we are able to do controlled grid dumps. The GridKicker also takes advantage of peak and off peak rates from the grid. Should the GridKicker be operating in an area with a reliable grid, it can be used to take your home or business off the electrical grid during peak usage hours. If the generation rate can not keep up with the consumption, a sampling loop is run through the batteries during off peak electrical hours and the batteries can then take their top off charge from the electrical grid. This gives you a built in profit margin by taking advantage of off peak rates vs. peak rates and will allow you to realize your ROI much quicker. For example, in Maryland, peak electrical rates are $.15 per kWh. Off peak rates are $.08 per kWh. If all we did was charge the system from the grid during off peak and run off the batteries during peak, you would effectively never pay peak rates again. The solar element just adds to the savings.
The GridKicker can also be used as an off grid standalone system. In this capacity, the GridKicker can be installed in utility scale microgrids. This will allow areas with little or no electrical grid in place to operate with electricity. By installing several of these microgrids, we now have distributed generation and storage, and if required can shift electricity between installations that are connected. It can also be used on a home to home basis to supply needed power.
In areas where the grid is non-existent, or operating intermittently, the GridKicker can provide electricity for use on demand. The GridKicker can be set up in a micro utility scenario, able to provide power to multiple dwellings. Depending on the layout of the area, the storage can be centralized or it can be distributed throughout the GridKickers.
If storage is centralized:
The storage can be built into a large scale battery and can be charged through multiple towers containing PV cells with no storage. The towers can be set up around the storage location so as to minimize transmission losses. In this scenario, there would be less expenses as far as providing charge/discharge circuitry for every GridKicker as well as inversion at every unit. There could be one central charging control board as well as one central inversion unit. AC power could then be distributed on a residence to residence basis.
If storage is distributed among the GridKickers:
The storage can also be built into the GridKicker units. In this scenario, the GridKickers would be more widely distributed throughout the area. In this situation, there would not be a centralized power substation, each dwelling would provide their own power through the GridKickers. If excess generation is required, we can supply PV only towers as was discussed in the prior scenario.
Other products working in conjunction with each other:
Following the successful launch of the GridKicker, Solaroad plans to make available its other product lines. This would entail ElectraWall, ElectraLights and CubeTube. These products are all designed to work together to form an alternative energy grid. If distributed installations take place and are interlinked, the option to transfer power from one area to another if required (if there is a failure of some sort) becomes an option as well.
As an off grid solution, the GridKicker can be looked at in multiple usage scenarios. It can be utilized as described above, or it can also be used as a standalone backup or UPS system. The GridKicker is a portable renewable energy generator. It can be used to replace gas fired generators on construction sites, for DIY home improvement projects, or even used to run your electric lawnmower. The GridKicker is also safe to use indoors as there is no combustion required to create electricity.

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