Check out this video we made about the GridKicker in 2013.

We were combining solar power with battery storage before anyone else!


ElectraWall is a solar generator/storage device. It is designed to be placed on pre-existing infrastructures such as jersey walls and sound attenuation walls which line highways. It can be used to generate and store power for use with highway lighting, traffic lights, road construction equipment, etc, without having to use the electrical grid. It can also be used in residential and commercial applications.


CubeTube is an interior light harvesting device with integrated battery storage designed to be placed on top of cubicle workstations in order to power your electrical devices at your desk. This will remove you from the electrical grid during peak usage times, saving you money while keeping your employees working. The batteries will be recharged from the indoor lighting, and whatever is no’t put back in can be taken off of the electrical grid after peak hours, giving the user a built in profit margin.


Solaroad has developed a nano scale battery for use with electric vehicles. It uses no liquid electrolytes and has an unmatched charge density. Solaroad also intends to put ElectraFuel vending machines in every gas station in America. The vending machines will be coated with SolarFilm, a nano scale generation and storage film, which has unmatched efficiencies. This will allow electric vehicle owners to go and “fill up” their vehicles at the same place that an internal combustion engine automobile would go–the gas station.

Solaroad was on the news!

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